Where I come from 

I was born in Holyoke Massachusetts on November 25th 1972, to Conrad Moise and Beverly Cerruti. My father was a paper maker and my mother was a waitress, store clerk and home maker. My step-father was Michael Ducharme, a bus driver. 

I was very lucky to have people in my life that loved me a great deal. We moved a lot because the struggles of paying rent and surviving were never easy for my parents. My father passed away my junior year of college, so he was not able to see my educational succesess. 

At the first chance, during my first full-time teaching job, I bought a home that my mother and step-father loved. They passed away in the home, in 2002 and 2018. I miss them dearly.


Growing up in Western Massachusetts, I did not have a lot of people around me with advanced degrees. I knew when I was young, I wanted to go into politics and be a lawyer. My teachers always told me, I was going to be a teacher some day, and that is what I became. 

I earned a bachelor's degree in political science and history from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1998. In the Spring of 1999 I started a post bachelor's program in special education and in 2006 I earned a master's degree in education with a focus in special education. 

In 2014, I earned my doctoral degree in education with a focus on Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning. 

Political Candidate |  Fountain For Congress | San Diego |  Civil Rights Activist |  Union Organizer |  Carpenter 


People Before Politics

I believe that for too long, and at least the last 45 years, we have put profits before people. We have created a system in which we believe "trickle down economics" works and we worship the ground of the so called job creators. There are entrepreneurs around us everywhere and the people that follow the theology of Ayn Rand are distorting the history of the Americas to fit their vision of dystopia. 


But the rich don't create jobs, consumers create jobs. If there are no customer to buy your service or your product, you don't have a business. Just look at Amazon in New York; they balked at not getting 3 billion dollars in incentives and now they are still building there. 

Don't believe the lies of corporate media, the billionaires need us, more than we need them.

And when it comes to taxes and government, the best money spent by government is on food stamps and housing vouchers. For each dollar spent on food stamps, there is a $1.52 reciprocal effect on the economy. When the government spends a dollar on war, we lose 44 cents. 

We need to take our country back from the corporations and put it into the hands of all of the people. We need to have publicly funded elections and end Citizens United, because corporations are not people.


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