Immigration-No Person is Illegal

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Social Security, Federal and State Income Taxes and local sales taxes all benefit from the mistreatment of undocumented workers.

“Employers and the federal and state government knowingly benefits on the backs of undocumented workers. Billions of dollars in taxes and social security payments get collected, and the government knows when these monies are being collected that the social security numbers are fake. The government knows they will never have to pay these monies back, and to me that is stealing. Employers know the numbers are fake and they let undocumented workers buy new numbers. They all partake in this insidious activity on the backs of workers, because they all make money from it.”

Simple Solutions

Give amnesty to all workers who can show they have paid into social security and federal income taxes for greater than 2 years. Ensure they have full access to these monies. Penalize the companies that have abused these workers with a fine of no less than $5,000 per employee and ensure the employee is allowed to keep their job.

In industries in which there are labor unions: provide for an instrument in which that company will become a unionized job site or risk being shut down. Another option is to form a cooperative business.

The undocumented worker shall have a fast track to US citizenship.

All undocumented workers will be encouraged to come forward and report their employers. There will be a limited amnesty period for workers and they will be protected from employer abuse and attack. Deportations will stop.

If Melania Trump can become a US citizen after lying on her visa application, and her mother and father can benefit from chain migration then everyone needs to be treated the same.

When undocumented workers pay billions of dollars in taxes and social security they will never never benefit and veterans who wore the uniform and served our nation can get deported. While Jeff Bezos can make 11 Billion dollars and pay $0 in federal income taxes. We need to support the immigrant like Jesus said, and deport Bezos. Who is the real parasite?


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