Criminal Justice Reform

The United States has the highest incarceration rates in the world. It is time we stop simply locking people up, and ask the question why!

People of color are more likely to be arrested for minor infractions due to over-policing of minority neighborhoods and a conscious effort on the part of some municipalities to extract wealth from these communities.

Generations of African Americans' lives have been destroyed by this systemic racism and as outlined in the DOJ report on Ferguson Missouri, a criminal enterprise was created.

As your Congressperson, I will write legislation that will have the DOJ investigate and prosecute courts and law enforcement agencies that unfairly prosecute people of color and create these systems of injustice.

  • The DOJ should have filed a RICO complaint and I encourage and would support and agency or group to file such a class action lawsuit against Ferguson and other county courts and municipal organizations in similar circumstances.

  • I will also write legislation that will mandate the US attorney general in each state will investigate every police shooting and it will be at the discretion of the AG's office and a neutral third party to prosecute these cases. Too often, no justice is every service for police misconduct.

  • I will write legislation to end prison slave labor and if this labor is absolutely needed, then inmates must be able to get that same job when their sentence is completed. No long will incarcerated people to be used to fighting fires and then denied the opportunity to become a firefighter.


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