Reparations: Complete Federal Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Updated: Feb 17

The war on marijuana and the mass incarceration of people of color has gone on for too long. Any person who is "woke" knows we need to end the wasteful war on people and begin to heal.

“I believe we need to make recreational marijuana legal federally and that the federal government should issue licenses for growers and sellers in each stat. 35% of all growers and sellers will come from the groups most oppressed by fake war on drugs, African - Americans and Hispanics.”

Non-Violent Individuals who are incarcerated today, shall be released.

There are thousands of people who are incarcerated today for victimless crimes. When Marijuana is completely legal, these individuals could still be incarcerated for offenses that are now legal. We need to release them, and give them opportunities to participate in the industry that caused them to be locked up. African -Americans and Hispanics should be a prime beneficiary of the changes in the law, and again, they shall reap the benefit by being granted at least 35% of all licences. Taxes reaped from the sale of legal marijuana will go to the USDA and the SBA, and these agencies shall help minority owned cooperative companies form and operate as for-profit cooperatives. The majority of the ownership in each of these companies shall be formerly incarcerated persons of color.

Intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, and Richard Wolfe shall be asked to formulate the articles of incorporation of these cooperatives.

A 10% tax on this new industry should created 5 billion dollars in revenue in federal taxes. Of which 90% shall go toward reparations and the remaining 10% to the USDA, SBA and CDC.


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